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Sewer line problems are no joking matter. If unattended—or attended to by an inexperienced company, you might find yourself with a damaged sewer line. Hire a reliable plumbing company in the New Jersey and rest easy knowing your sewer problems will be handled in a professional, efficient manner.

At All County Sewer and Drain, we use cutting-edge camera and video technology to pinpoint the cause of your sewer problem. You won’t have to worry about us tearing up your yard or making a mess; we can identify the problem with your sewer before a backhoe ever touches your property. Our camera allows us to look directly inside your sewer system to give you an accurate idea of the problem, which means we can provide you with a fair, honest price before we break ground!

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When it comes to sewer line problems, there are often plenty of signs leading up to the need for a repair. If you’ve been dealing with sewer problems, it’s best to call in the professionals to determine the problem with a camera inspection. Not sure if you’re having a problem? Call All County Sewer and Drain if you’ve noticed any of the following signs:

Slow Drains.

If your sink, shower, or other drains are taking their time releasing water, it could be due to a problem with your sewer lines. Don’t use chemical drain cleaners. Instead, call an All County Sewer and Drain plumber to assess the situation with your sewer line.

Sewage Backup.

When a clog blocks the sewer line, little or no water can be flushed down the line and away from your plumbing system, resulting in sewage backups. If a sewer line clog becomes extensive, it can halt water drainage from your home entirely. This can cause any water that goes down your drains to back up into the various plumbing systems of your home and lead to serious damage.

Soggy yard.

If you notice soggy grass or sunk-in spots, it could mean your sewage has backed up and seeped out into the yard. If this happens, call an All County Sewer and Drain plumber ASAP to keep your sewer lines from being further damaged and to avoid smelling up the neighborhood!

If you’ve noticed any of these problems in your home, don’t wait to call a professional! Have our team inspect your sewer line and determine the problem before any further damage occurs.

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