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According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), viruses such as Covid-19 are present in human waste and may be found in wastewater. That means your septic system could be contaminated and can become a danger in the event of a backup. To combat this health hazard, our experts can pump and clean your septic tank as part of best practices to ensure you stay safe and healthy.


All our All County Sewer & Drain Service customers are delivered the best service in the industry.  Our expertise speaks for itself and the fact is, all service technicians and our excavation team can handle any repair your system needs.  Such services are:

  • Repairing or replacing baffles
  • Repairing or replacing septic covers (all materials)
  • Repairing or replacing inlet/outlets & distribution boxes
  • Installing pre-fab or custom risers to existing septic systems
  • Visual inspection of all components of the system such as leaks, cracks or holes that may cause property damage.


The average life expectancy of a metal kitchen grease trap is five to ten years because the high-acidity levels of grease and liquids that flow through it just eat away any exposed metal in your grease trap. Today we install plastic grease traps with lifetime warranties. Check out for more information.

In New Jersey, legislation specifically regulates the location and maintenance of grease traps for restaurants and other businesses. Grease traps must be emptied regularly to prevent the grease from entering the waste lines. Regulations also state that grease traps must be sized appropriately. All fixtures that are connected to the grease trap are inserted into a mathematical formula that then calculates the appropriate size of the grease trap.

When grease traps are functioning properly, they prevent employees from being injured due to leaking or spilled grease and they also keep the sewer lines from being clogged.


We’re part of the Preferred Pumper Program in the Pacific Northwest and partner closely with local grease inspectors up and down the West Coast to ensure our customers are always in compliance with their city’s grease regulations. Through these partnerships, we are able to provide a higher level of service by adhering to clearly defined maintenance standards and procedures.

Partnering with All County Sewer And Drain helps ensure you remain in compliance with all applicable regulations. Noncompliance can lead to hefty penalties, which we make certain you’ll never have to face. We’ll set you up on a cleaning schedule that follows your city’s requirements and we’ll even handle your paperwork so you don’t have to.

Why Does My Grease Trap Need Maintenance?

Failing to properly maintain your grease trap can cause major issues for your kitchen. Here’s a list of problems you might encounter:

Sewer Blockage :

If too much grease solidifies within a pipe, it creates a blockage, causing an environmentally hazardous – and potentially costly – overflow.

Noxious Fumes :

FOG can become rancid and give off fumes that might be harmful for anyone near the source – including you, your employees, or your customers.

Fines :

Violating your local grease disposal regulations can lead to fines, which add a hefty financial burden to the damage overflows can have on your reputation.

Choose All County Sewer and Drain

All County Sewer and Drain grease trap services are available throughout New Jersey. We’ll keep your equipment clean and stay in touch with your local grease inspector, leaving zero opportunity for noncompliance disposal regulations. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Hydro Jetting

Are you tired of dealing with stubborn or recurring clogs in your home? Are your drains so clogged that regular drain cleaning simply won’t cut it? Professional hydro-jetting services are a great option for New Jersey homeowners who have stubborn or recurring clogged drains. The experts at All County Sewer and Drain are your go-to drain-jetting contractors to get rid of these types of clogs for good.

What is Hydro Jetting?

Over the years, your drains become clogged with debris and grease from using your sink and tub. Materials such as hair, food particles, grease, and oil collect in the drain, eventually hardening to the drain wall. Once these clogs are left to harden, they become very difficult to remove.

This is where hydro jetting comes in. Using a reverse-action jet of high-pressure water, we can easily and effectively blast through clogs and debris that have plagued your home for years. The pressure is so high — an astounding 4000 psi — that it can quickly remove years of stubborn clogs from the drain and clear out clogged and dirty sewer lines. Additionally, hydro jetting also smoothens the inner texture of the pipe, preventing future clogs before they can form.

Why Is Hydro Jetting Better than Chemical Drain Cleaners?

Many homeowners will turn to a chemical drain cleaner to get rid of a stubborn clog. For many, this option is inexpensive, easy, and effective. Although chemical drain cleaners are good at eating through clogs, they don’t stop there. They continue to corrode materials inside the drain until they start causing real damage to your actual pipe. The result is a weakened and compromised pipe system. Pipes that have been corroded by chemical drain cleaners are more likely to rupture and cause big problems down the line.

Reasons to Choose All County Sewer and Drain

We include the following features and benefits in order to put your mind at ease and ensure the best possible service for our customers:

  • After-Hours Service Available at No Extra Charge : We are available in case of an emergency 24/7 at no extra charge, unlike some service providers who raise their rates for calls outside “business hours.”
  • Over 30 Years of Industry Experience : Since opening, we have helped countless homeowners in the area with their sewer jetting and hydro jetting needs.
  • Developing Relationships with Customers : Customers choose us time and time again because we are reliable, consistent, and affordable.

Don’t deal with a clogged drain alone.
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