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The Importance of Grease Trap Pumping

A grease trap is crucial to running a functioning restaurant kitchen, and pumping that grease trap clean is one of the most important safety actions you can take as a restaurant owner. In a kitchen that handles a high volume of cooking, there’s an enormous amount of oil and fat that gets discarded. The grease trap catches that waste so that it doesn’t damage the plumbing and waste water disposal system. Every few months, that grease trap needs to be pumped to get rid of the waste buildup inside or it could shut your whole restaurant down.

Why Do Restaurants Need Grease Traps?

In restaurants, the amount of greasy waste in a day’s cooking is too much for the waste water disposal system to handle. Microorganisms are not able to digest that level of waste quickly enough. In addition, several fat types solidify as they cool down, potentially causing major clogs. Grease traps make sure these harmful fats are caught before they can damage the restaurant’s plumbing.

The Risks of Grease Build-Up

Full grease traps can leak into the township’s sewer system, causing blockages that are costly to repair and that affect thousands of people, including other businesses. These leaks are also harmful to the environment as the fat and oil content doesn’t break down easily. Additionally, roaches and rodents are attracted to the fats, oils, and grease (FOG) in unmaintained grease traps, contaminating your kitchen and causing problems with the health department.

If those are not reasons enough to clean your grease traps regularly, know that you can actually get a steep fine for not maintaining your grease traps properly due to all the damage grease build-up can cause. And if you run into a sewer blockage problem, not only is it expensive to fix, it can shut down your entire restaurant for a period of time, costing you business.

Pump Your Grease Traps Regularly

It is vital that you properly maintain your grease traps. Luckily, at All County Sewer we will pump your grease traps for you! As professionals, we understand how the proper way to get the job done efficiently and thoroughly. We use top quality equipment so your grease traps will always work their best and your kitchen remains clean and safe. Protect the environment, your workers, and your restaurant business today by signing up for regular grease trap pumping!

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