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The Top Four Reasons Why Drano Is Too Harmful To Use

When you have a clog in your sink or toilet drain, you may be tempted to take care of it yourself with some Drano, a caustic, lye-based cleaning solution. After all, what could be easier? The problem is, though Drano (maybe) fixes the immediate problem, it’s actually a pretty damaging substance that should probably stay on the store shelves. Plumbers never recommend Drano, and it’s not because they want your service. It’s because they know the truth about this harmful cleaning supply.

1. Drano Harms Your Pipes

The chemicals in Drano are quite strong and, unless it is flushed thoroughly down your sewage system, can actually start to erode your pipes. Additionally, Drano can crack or even explode the porcelain in your toilet bowl! This is because, often, some of the Drano used sticks around in the water within your toilet and starts to chemically react to the toilet’s porcelain. This can be prevented by calling a professional plumber to handle any plumbing issues rather than trying to fix it yourself with Drano.

2. Drano Is Harmful to People

Plumbers often ask if Drano has been used before coming to a plumbing job, because leftover Drano in the piping system can be harmful to skin and eyes if it accidentally splashed onto a person. If competing chemicals are used even with small residues of Drano still in the pipes, they can mix with the Drano and cause dangerous fumes.

3. The Environment Feels Repercussions, Too

On its way through your sewer system, Drano kills bacteria, including good bacteria that is needed to break down waste. If you kill that bacteria, you end up negatively affecting the entire sewer system in your town. That, in turns, has a negative impact on the surrounding environment.

4. You’re Just Masking the Problem

Once in a while, it can be okay to use Drano if you’re in a bind. But if you find yourself constantly turning to it to help things go smoothly down your drains, you’re covering up a bigger problem that’s beyond the bounds of what Drano can fix. Drano may help in the moment, but it won’t solve any major plumbing issues. Any time you have consistent back-ups or slow drainage down your pipes, Drano can no longer help you; you need the help of a professional plumber, like the ones at All County Sewer.

At All County Sewer, our plumbers are trained and certified to take care of all your plumbing needs. We diagnose and fix plumbing problems of all kinds – from the easy cases to the ones that are more involved and complicated. If you have any plumbing issues, don’t risk the consequences of using Drano. Call a trusted plumber and know you are making the healthiest decision for your sewer system, the environment, and yourself.

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